Android Battery Saving Tips – We’ve all been there


battery5You’re watching a video, taking a picture with some buddies or chatting with friends and your battery dies. Even worse, your vehicle quits and you’re not sure where you are. Don’t you wish you had remembered to charge your battery?

In this post I will discuss some tweaks you can make to your android phone for longer battery life without downloading any apps.


Brightness Settings On Your Android

Having your android phone on a high brightness setting is one of the worst culprits for draining your battery. We all like to watch our videos or look at pictures with the best possible light but by reducing this setting, even as little as 10% it will keep your phone running longer and cooler. This is better for your battery as well as the overall performance of the phone.

I use auto brightness and have noticed an increase in battery time. To do this go to settings>display>brightness>click auto. Your phone will automatically adjust depending on the light in the room.

You can also access auto brightness from the drop down menu on your android phone. If this isn’t for you, adjust them manually. Simply go to settings>display>brightness and drag the button across to the desired brightness. I would suggest 70-80%. This can be accessed from the drop down menu as well.


Screen Timeout On your Android Phone

Some people like to leave their screens on all the time. This can also have a negative effect on battery life. It’s simple and easy to adjust. Settings>display>click screen timeout and adjust to your own preferences. I would suggest no longer than 5 minutes.


Videos And Games

Watching videos or playing games on your android smart phone are battery killers. I would suggest limiting video watching on your device. It drains your battery quickly and is also costly as it uses up data at a very high rate.

If you need games to occupy you on a long ride or to kill time, download simple games like solitaire, Sudoku or any brain games. Games that have a lot of onscreen detail such as Clash of Clans for example drain your battery quickly. Save these games for home where you have access to a power supply. Even apps like Facebook can be hard on your battery if you’re on it a lot.


Live Wallpapers/Themes

Live wallpapers use up resources on your phone which in turn shortens the charge on your battery. Elaborate themes can also be hard on the battery. Most phones come with a few pre-installed themes which can be changed at any time. You can also download themes from your phones manufacturer. Most times these themes are small and not very detailed but can give your android a fresh look.


Saving Your Battery

One of the easiest things you can do to manage battery consumption is to monitor it regularly yourself. Although there are several apps you can download to monitor your battery, most phones have very good apps already built in. You can do this by turning on the battery percentage bar. It will show up on your screen at the top as soon as you turn it on. This is done by going to settings>battery and power saving>turn battery percentage bar on.

By performing all the tweaks above, you should notice a difference in battery consumption on your android device. Hopefully I have helped you get better performance from your phone.














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