Old Android Phone or Tablet Uses – Give It a New Meaning In Life

So you’ve been shopping for a while now. Finally, you decide to take the plunge and buy that shiny new device in all its glory. More memory, better camera, new games and apps; not to mention the speed at which it does all of these things. Then you ask yourself, what should I do with my old device?


You can use it as a music player, a video player or just simply as extra storage for all of your important documents. These are just a few examples of how you can repurpose that old android device.

Below, I will be going into more detail on a few of these ideas and how you can take advantage of preinstalled apps or installing new ones from the Play Store.

Before moving forward with any of the ideas below, I would suggest a factory data reset on your device. This will return your device to factory defaults (as if it were new) as well as erase all data. Please be sure to backup your old device before doing the reset.


Music Collection

I would suggest this is the most popular and personally feel it’s the best use for an old android device.

Depending on how much storage is on the device you may be able to carry your whole music collection with you all the time. It’s great for the vehicle, camping, outdoor parties even the gym. I have an old LG3 with 32gb of storage and my whole music collection is on it with plenty of room for more. I keep it in my truck most of the time and have even used it while kayaking.
There are lots of free and paid apps on the Google Play Store to play your favourite tunes such as Google Play Music and VLC for Android. In the past I have used a free app called Rocket Player. I found it very user-friendly and it has all you need to get the most from your music. Some devices are a little short in the storage department; so you may want to use the music app that’s preinstalled on your device. They usually don’t have all the bells and whistles you get from the downloaded ones but will work just fine.

If you decide to purchase a music player make sure to try the free version first. Most good players offer a free version which may surprise you, saving you the need to buy the paid version. It all comes down to personal preference.


On The Go Video Player

Give that old android tablet new life by using it strictly as a video player. It’s great for the kids; they can watch cartoons or movies while on the road or at home. It’s also great to watch How to videos when working on a project around the house. You could even use it in the kitchen to catch up on the latest cooking trends.

There are numerous apps you can use to watch videos but I prefer either MX Player or VLC for android. I currently have both of these installed on my android box but have used them on tablets in the past. Overall I find the VLC player a little more stable but sometimes it depends on the device. Both can handle almost any format you throw at them, which is great considering there are plenty out there.


Wake Up On Time

This idea probably isn’t one of the most popular out there but can be fun. There are lots of choices at the Play Store to customize your clock. You can personalize it for yourself by waking up to a specific song or alarm. Some apps are even connected to a weather network so that they can display the daily forecast.

Another good idea is to use it for relaxing. You could set the timer and play relaxing music while meditating before bed.

You can even make it fun for the kids. Program the alarm to play their favourite song or maybe a character voice from their favourite movie. Why not use a picture from a cartoon as the background for the clock.

Endless Ideas

The above ideas are just a few that I personally use now or have used in the past; the possibilities are endless really. It all comes down to personal preference when deciding on what to do with that old device. Following are a few more suggestions.

  • Digital photo frame
  • Learning tool for kids
  • Remote control
  • External storage

If you can’t decide on any of these, a great idea would be to sell it, give it to a family member or donate it. Most providers today have drop boxes for this.

I hope this helps save your old device from the garbage. Leave a comment if you have any other ideas.


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