Reasons To Buy Android – You Won’t Regret It

The ongoing debate as to which is better, android or iOS continues in 2018.

Last year they dominated the cell phone industry with a combined market share of 99.9%. Android lead the way with a 86-14 percent split.

Worldwide Smartphone Sales By Operating System in 2017

While they both have their advantages and disadvantages, I believe android is the better choice. In the following article I will give some thoughts as to why I think this is true.


Phones For Everyone

The sheer variety of android smartphones from manufacturers like Samsung, HTC, Motorola, LG and others means there is something for everyone. You can choose something with a rotating camera, a large touchscreen or a compact phone with a physical keyboard. Maybe you need a stylus, they have that too. Their flagship devices have the newest technology which makes it seem like the options are endless. Another advantage to android devices is their expandable memory which iOS does not have. While some android manufacturers have moved away from this feature recently, it’s still nice to have the option to choose from. By attracting many manufacturers, android has been able to have the most variety of any platform on the market.

While android offers hundreds of choices and options, iOS only offers a few. iOS does have a few choices to offer but the only real difference is the screen size and resolution as the specs are mostly the same across all devices. The same argument applies with tablets and iPad as well.


Free Apps And Games

Another great feature on the android platform is that there are more free apps and games available than iOS. This is due to the fact that they are more willing to engage with the freemium or add supported content. You can even find apps or games on the android platform for free that you would normally have to pay for when using iOS.

Android still dominates the market but a lot of the premium apps still go to iOS first, due to the fact that developers get paid more for the iOS platform. Although this seems to be changing, it’s still a major challenge for the android platform.


Personalize Your Device

One of my favourite things about the android platform is the ability to personalize your device. You can do some customization just by using the content that came with your phone. But you can take it to another level by installing different launchers, backgrounds and live wallpapers to changing the keyboard layout. Though there are paid versions for all of these upgrades most of the free versions work great or you may just want to just stay with the basics it’s always nice to have the option in the future.

Another way to personalize your device is by taking advantage of its expandable memory by installing a micro SD card. This allows you to add more music and photos which can be used as backgrounds. This is also great if you find yourself running out of space quickly but can’t afford a new device. They range from $10-$75 depending on the amount of storage you need.

Although iOS now allows third party keyboards and some widgets, it is still very limited to customization. Besides, who wants to look like the other guy anyway.

Some free launchers

  • Nova Launcher
  • New Launcher
  • Smart Launcher
  • Google Now Launcher


Pricing For Any Budget

Relating back to the top of this page. Because there are so many choices in design and specs it only makes sense that there is an android phone to fit just about any budget. Most people can’t afford to buy an apple product which is why android is leading the market.

By spending $150-$300 you can get a device that will give you near top of the line experience without blowing your budget. Maybe you need a stylus, want to save money but still want the high end experience, android is the only way to go.


You Won’t Be Disappointed

From its many choices of devices and pricing options to its ability for customizing and free content, android is a great choice.

The industry is moving faster all the time. While iOS seems to be standing still on this, android manages to keep up or stays ahead of the curve. For example, they used high definition displays, finger print scanning and mobile payment first just to name a few. This illustrates another reason why you should buy android.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this content. Maybe you’re an iPhone person; I would like to hear your thoughts as to why you chose that instead. Leave your comments below.


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